Friday, September 24, 2010

Ernest Hemingway - A Moveable Feast

 Author: Ernest Hemingway
Title: A Moveable Feast
Published: December 1964
Publisher: Scribners (USA)
Length: 211 pages
Genre: Memoir
Target age: Adult
Why I picked it up: About Paris in the 1920s, starting to read books by the Lost Generation 
Rating: 4 stars
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[A quick note on the edition I'm reading: I've got a first edition out from the library (the cover is the same as the image I posted above). I intend to buy this book, but I'll probably prowl some used bookstores trying to find the copy I want.]

Will update this post on Monday! Terribly sorry for posting something half written :( I'm done the book, I just haven't the time to reflect right now, unfortunately.


This book was my first foray into reading something by such a great and esteemed author. I'm very much a reader of the modern novel, but I have been interested in getting into the 'greats' such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Kerouac and all the others from different eras. Because of my interest in the subject matter, I decided A Moveable Feast was as good as any a place to start.

I very much enjoyed this book, even if it isn't very representative of Hemingway's actual 'literature.' I love his crisp writing style, which I've gathered is something he's well-known for (don't look at me that way! I have nobody to teach me about these things, I'm learning as I go).

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