Friday, September 3, 2010

The Purpose

Every blog has a purpose and this one is no different from the rest. This blog has a few purposes, which are:
  1. To keep a proper record of the books I read, and what I think of them, and how they make feel, and so on. I read voraciously, but I rarely write down my thoughts on what I've read and when I do it's little more than 'this book was heartbreaking/exciting/boring/etc.'. I read a book, I think about it for awhile, and then I move on. Books are important to me, more important than a lot of things. I want to remember how a book inspired or disgusted me, how a book shaped me into who I am, how a book taught me things I won't ever want to forget. I want to remember why I read.  
  2. To share my writing, and also to make sure I keep writing. I like writing. I really do. But sometimes I feel that writing is like eating chocolate: If I do it too often, I will get sick and I won't like it any more. That, of course, is a ridiculous thought. The other thought that keeps me from writing is that if I write down an idea and I do it wrong, the idea will be broken and not good any more. Another ridiculous thought. Still, they get stuck in my head. I'm the type of person that thrives on deadlines so if I have a deadline once a week to share some writing, then I will get some writing done.
  3. See number one, but replaces 'book(s)' with 'music'. I had originally intended this blog only to be for reading and writing, but after a few minutes of thinking about I had to admit that music is just as important to me and should probably be included here.
Why have I created a second blog to do serve these purposes?  I've maintained a regular blog since March 2008. That blog is basically a hodgepodge of whatever I throw at it that sticks. It doesn't have any rhyme or reason except for me to babble on about whatever I feel like. I like having a blog for that exact purpose, but as I mentioned before: I can thrive on a schedule. I don't want to impose one on my other blog because it would get too messy and I would just give up and go back to posting whatever whenever. Starting a second blog just keeps everything more streamlined. I can keep my nice little schedule here, and post however I want back home

Why now? I'm starting university in a few days. That's a big milestone in anyone's life. I suspect I will do a lot of changing in the next four or five years, but I suspect these three things (books, writing, music) will always remain constant in my life. They'll be a...oh, I can't remember the word, the word for when you're using something to judge change against (is it 'constant'? Ah well). I want to remember me and see how I change and I think using these three constants will be a good way to do that.

Also, a note about the name and my two blogs...when I revamped my other blog at the end of December 2009, I retitled it Falling Letters but kept it on and then saved for the time when I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. So: This is Falling Letters, and my other blog is now Falling Letters - The Life Story, where I post everything that doesn't belong here. :) 

Bear with me for the next couple of weeks...I'm not used to writing reviews. The first couple of ones will probably just be my opinion, however useless, splattered on the screen. Hopefully I'll improve and what I write might actually become of use to somebody ;P

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