Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Queen and the Sailor

I wanted to write something new a few days ago but was struggling with ideas (usually not a problem, but most of the idea-creating part of my mind is being used on The Carving). What is an idea-strapped writer to do? Head to Seventh Sanctum, of course! I used the romance story generator and this is what it gave me:

This story starts in a cursed place. In it, an intuitive queen falls passionately in love with a sailor with a peculiar lack of affinity for magical items. Yet, how can advice tear them apart?
 Exactly the type of shortish story I was in the mood to write. Here it is. 

There once was a queen of a magical land. She had ascended to the throne when she was 20 years old. Her mother had died and her father soon followed. He had not died of fright as wife did, but of a broken heart. On the day of her coronation, the queen vowed not to follow in her parents' footsteps. She would fear nothing. She would love nothing. Such vows had been made and broken by stronger people.

The young queen wanted to establish herself as a proper ruler and so she asked her advisors how she could accomplish this. They told her, 'Be seen. Be recognized. Be respected.'

She spent six months travelling across the land she ruled. One gray day she arrived at the west coast. She stood on the furthest piece of land from her castle and gave a grand speech. The people listened and clapped and assured her she was seen, recognized and respected. After the speech she was to inspect some fishing ships. The queen had never seen a ship and was looking forward to the task despite how dull it was expected to be and how the sailors would disgust her (said her advisors).

Well. That's all I got >.> I'm terrible at finishing things. Perhaps that's something else this blog can help me with...I'll post the first half now and the second half next week. I hate leaving people waiting. I'm also terrible at titles, as you might have noticed :P What would you call this piece? Considering you don't really have anything to go on, heh...I'd be interested to see what you come up with!

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