Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NaNoWriMo Prep Part 2

The problem with NaNo this year is that I'm torn between two genres. There are two totally separate types of stories I'd like to try writing and I only have vague ideas for both of them.

The first one is what I was kind of rambling on about last week. Maybe post-apocalyptic, struggles to survive, abandoned cities, supernatural, eerie, creepy, ghosts, dangerous, dark, mysterious. I've never written a story like that and that's what I like to use NaNoWriMo for: test out different ideas I would never write in my 'regular' free time.

The other idea is a nice, simple fantasy story. Something along the lines of the world created in Inkspell + Inkdeath. I would love to write a story like that, but it wouldn't be anything too new or special. I'm afraid if I tried that for NaNo I wouldn't be able to generate my own plot and it would become a weak imitation of my favourite 'medieval fantasy' type stories.

I read a book a few months ago, The Magicians, I didn't like it at all but I kind of like the premise...basically, some regular New York young adults go off to a magic school (like Harry Potter) and then journey to a magic land (like in Narnia). But the characters that went through these events weren't children, they were very normal and 'real' adults.

I'm starting to think maybe I'll do a big mash up of all those ideas...it'll be one big orgy of three very different genres. XP I like the four characters I've been developing (Ariel, Hadley, Ruth and Benjamin) and I still want to use them; I've been giving them some fine tuning. My basic premise right now is that four young adults have travelled to this 'medieval fantasy-style' land years ago from a post-apocalyptic world and the story will revolved around the colliding of worlds, or something. Sounds like a mess, doesn't it? But that's okay, because it's for NaNo :P A month to let out all the crazy and wacky ideas you would never take the time to write otherwise and heck, who knows, maybe you'll come out of the whole ordeal with a few useable bits.

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