Sunday, October 31, 2010

NaNoWriMo Prep Part 3

NaNo starts at my end in one hour and 53 minutes and I'm doing some mad last minute prep.I'm cleaning my room, making a playlist, following NaNo's twitter feed and dreaming up new ideas. Unfortunately there is no Halloween candy left for me to motivate myself with :(

Ideas currently flying through my head: Ariel, Ruth, Hadley and Benjamin all come from different worlds and seek refuge from their own worlds in a nice little fantasy realm. Ruth is the only one from the group natural to the world they all hide in, she finds them amusing/intriguing/whatever and acts as their mentor. The first bit introduces all the characters, their worlds and how they end up in fantasy-land. The next bit is how they cope in fantasy-land and the final bit is what they do to stop the worlds colliding (they all end up having to return to their own worlds, oops, spoiler alert). I'll keep scribbling ideas as they come...

Wish me luck!

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