Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Carving, Part Three

Part two

This transition part here is probably the weakest part of the story I'll be posting (hopefully it'll get better!). I'm not very good at transitions, usually I just skip over them while I'm writing but I decided to push through it this time. There are a lot of things I'd like to expand and rewrite and change but that will have to come later. One of these pages is also full of the most storyline/character notes I've written so far...I was stuck for a long time and then I had a bunch of ideas which will involve a lot of rewriting of what you are about to read so don't worry if it doesn't make sense in the big picture :)

She feels like a breeze, like moonbeams, like water trickling over pebbles. It is a state of bliss has never experienced before. She wants to move her arm.

You can't.


Because that is impossible, you will never again move after that -

She moves her arm. At first it feels like she is dragging it through quicksand. Gradually it becomes easier to move until it takes no effort at all. Hundreds of tiny object stumble in the space around her. They feel like silk petals. She grabs a handful. They dissolve instantly. She struggles to open her eyes, but when she does, she does not want to close them again [>.<]

At first the light blinds her and all she sees is white. Then she see falling petals. they reflect the light so beautifully, with jewel tones of green and blue and purple. The petals pileup around her for as far as she can see. She is lying on a bed of them.

She tries to sit up and her head spins and the petals turn into gems. They still feel like petals. She tries to pick some up but again they dissolve. She opens her mouth to voice her confusion but before she can make a sound, the gems vanisha nd she is falling through white light.

For a second time, she finds herself waking without having fallen asleep. She cannot recall where she was before. Now she is in a bed, a huge bed, covered by a flufffy pink comforter and a high canopy. She is sitting upright, her back supported by three pillows. She is staring at a door, far across the expanisve room [>.<]. It is 20 feet tall and carved of dark [mahogany.] [improve room description!] There is a uniformed man standing in front of the door. She cannot read his expression from where she is. [She cannot] recall where she was before, but it does not feel wrong to be her now.

"Excuse me?" she calls to the [guard]. Her voice is soft and squeaky. She tries again. It is better this time: the man walks to her bed but does not come too close.


"Remind me where I am?"

"Castle Orlegro. You are in the guest chambers. Damien found you last night. You have been sleeping ever since."

"I see...may I speak to Damien?"

"Yes, of course. But perhaps a cup of tea first? I'm sure you could use some rejuvenation."

She scrunches her eyes shut and rubs them.

"Tea, alright, that sounds good." The [guard] claps and a woman enters pushing a cart. On the cart sits a teapot, red with pink swirls and a yellow lid. Three tea cups (one, green, one blue, one purple) surround the pot. The woman fills the blue cup and offers it to Marie with a slight bow.

"Thanks..." she murmurs, raising the cup to her lips. The tea smells of mint and winter. She drinks, hesitant of the temperature at first, but soon she has emptied the cup. She pours herself another one before the [man] can offer to do so and finishes it almost immediately.

"Shall I fetch Damien now, miss?" the guard interrupts before she can fill a third cup. She nods. He takes the cup from her hand and places it on the cart. He leaves with the cart.

She had been leaning on a stack of pillows: now she sat straight up, feeling very much rejuvenated. She tried to remember what had happened before she ended up in the care of this Damien, but she could not. What did it matter, anyhow? She felt much better now than she had before. She only wished she could have another cup of tea...

The door swung open and a man entered the room.
Part four

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