Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion

Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Songs of Faith and Devotion
Year: 1993
Length: 47 minutes, 22 seconds
Genre: Electronic
Why I picked it up: One of my favourite bands of all time, working my way through their discography
Favourite tracks: Walking In My Shoes, In Your Room
Random lyric: Cheating Judases/Doubting Thomases/Don't just stand there and shout it/Do something about it
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I haven't blogged about Depeche Mode over here yet, but basically you should know they are my all-time forever favourite band (as is Cloud Cult). I've been slowly working my way through their discography, buying an album every now and then as a treat to myself. I like to appreciate and savour their music. (I still need Speak and Spell, A Broken Frame, Some Great Reward and Exciter). It's not very often (well, never, really) that I come across a band I love so much that has so much history.

This album is one of two (Ultra is the other) that came out during Depeche Mode's 'rough patch' (Martin was drinking excessively, Dave wanted to be a rockstar [read: got into fights, grew his hair long, overdosed on heroin, etc.] and Fletch was having nervous breakdowns). I was prepared to be less than impressed with this album. Ultra was much better than I expected, however, and so is Songs of Faith and Devotion - it shattered my expectations.

[Link to a video I really wanted to put here but embedding was disabled and I couldn't find any other versions. Just listen to the song, ignore the video, his hair, his hair, oh my goodness, his hair is a joke. I'm so glad they made it out and survived that phase.]

There are three main reasons why I love DM.
  1. Martin's lyrics. Not a lot to say here. Kind of self-explanatory. None of the songs on this album really spoke to me lyrically, but they were all still very enjoyable.
  2. Dave's vocals. This I can elaborate on. I love Dave's voice. It is fantastic. I bought his solo album because anything he sings will sound like Jesus. Anyhow. Some of the vocals on Songs of Faith and Devotion tend to have a much rawer sound (see Condemnation, Right With Me and Rush). This is definitely not a bad thing. A bit of a change is good. He still sounds great, he can pull it off. My favourite line, though, is from Walking In My Shoes: 'You stumble in my footsteps'. It's there that you can hear what I really love about Dave's voice. Also, the chorus of In Your Room. The vocals are why those are my favourite songs. 
  3. Electronic. The genre. Good stuff. Oddly enough, Depeche is the only band I really listen to in this genre. There's just something about them, I dunno...This album definitely has a rock influence to it and nowhere is this more evident than on I Feel You, but I love that song and the album as a whole still feels like DM; it's not as 'rocky' as I anticipated and there are 'quieter' songs such as Judas that really help remind you it's a DM album. I am very okay with them trying something different. I have faith and I feel like this album rewarded that faith :P
Hokay. I think that's enough of my lavishing praise. This album confirms it for me: Depeche Mode can do no wrong, heh.

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