Sunday, January 16, 2011


Haven't written anything since early December. I've been too busy reading? >.< Looked to Sunday Scribblings prompt just to help me get something out. I've put on some Infected Mushroom and I'm ready to pump out some sort of sci-fi thing. Here goes.

My little sister is invisible. I didn't know of her existence until she was four. When I had ran away from home two years ago, she had followed me. My parents don't and never did give a damn about either of us, especially not my sister since she's an AV, which is why she was able to follow me into the wild even though she was just two years old. AVs develop body skills wickedly fast, in case you didn't know. I've heard they also have rapid physical growth but I wouldn't know, my sister is invisible and this story is crap. Trying again.

My little sister is invisible. It wasn't so bad at first. Her being invisible made it easier when we had to run away. My parents don't and never did give a damn about either of us, especially not my sister since she's an AV. They never reported us missing. My sister's invisibility made it a lot easier for me to move around without looking suspicious, carrying a toddler with me and all. It was the first time her being an AV actually helped our situation. She can move faster than I can, did you know, and she never tires. Pretty convenient. I wonder what she looks like sometimes, when I can hear her breathing as she sleeps (she doesn't need to, to sleep that is, but she likes dreaming, she told me once) but I can't see the rise and fall of her chest. I don't know if she's the size of an average toddler or bigger than me. You'd think I could've figured that out by now but I do my best not to pay attention to those tiny details. I don't want to know. When she talks and I hear her voice, layered with those strange echos and little whirs and clunks she has, being a prototype AV, all I picture in my head is a white blur. My little sister is four years old and I don't know her at all. I ran away to be safe but I didn't give a damn about her either back then. She followed me. She knew with me gone she wouldn't be safe any more. No more witnesses, me being the witness to my parents actions. Scared the shit out of me when she finally alerted me to her presence. Two years! Two whole freakin years that kid followed me around! Aw, but what the hell did I care. Her invisibility and all wasn't a shock to me, the shock was that she had been with me for two years. [Oops, now I've blended my two half-started stories. oh well XD] All those times I thought nobody was watching...I started to take care of my appearance after that. I know she's an AV, but I am the elder sibling and she is my baby sister and I gotta set an example. Even if she is an invisible AV. She's pretty easy to take care. She don't need much and I know how to get back. She's going to reach max potential in a year though. She told me that once and I remembered, even though we pretend like it ain't anywhere close to that time yet. I don't know what I'm going to do then. What we're gonna do. Hell's gonna break loose and there won't be anyone around to help me. Save me. Save her. Should be one heck of a year. 

Is the narrator a girl or a boy? I wonder...The narration style didn't go quite where I was hoping; I wanted more of an uneducated/illiterate lilt. Ah well. That's my flash fiction for ya. Another story that could be developed one day, but probably won't. Boohoo.

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