Sunday, March 13, 2011

i'd rather just say i didn't write but i did...

I've been thinking a lot about my NaNoWriMo from 2009, a classic princess and knight story on an epic scale with a devastating ending. I had thought of that story in late 2006 and tweaked until it was just right and how I liked it and then blurted it on onto paper during NaNo. Lately I've been listening to Within Temptation (five of their songs directly inspired the story's plot) and I've felt like finally bunking down and editing the damn thing to near perfection. Or, at least enough to get it out of the sorry state it is in. I haven't done that, obviously. I never do the writing I feel like doing...however. During one class that is exceptionally boring I wrote out a bit of a scene that I glazed over when writing the story in that November. I would like to pretend I just didn't write anything this week. But that would be lying and I haven't posted writing for awhile...This is probably one of the most rubbish things I have ever written. It is terrible and immature and cliched but it does kind of explain how I want this scene to be. It's a pivotal point in the story and I want to make it clear that the knight is blindly in love with the princess, key word blindly. The rest of the plot doesn't really need to be explained here, although this scene won't really make sense, but I assure you, the story is far far better than this piece of crap below. I was bored, okay? Bored writing is the worst kind there is.

"Welcome, you must be new here," she smiled. Jason forgot how to respond. How could he forget that crooked tooth, the freckle at the edge of her eyebrow? She might now be going by the name Kiara, but Jason knew who she was: the lost princess stood before him. Two years among the Freelanders could not erase the beauty contained within her. This girl, this woman who stole his heart and soul the moment he laid eyes on her was finally again in his grasp.   He wanted so desperately to embrace her now, in what would be a purse gesture, not one of seduction and deceit. He had forgotten how she escaped. Now that she was available, finally,, if she would be his, he would forgive her past deeds. He would do anything to have her. But now she was serving him soup and he had to accept. He took the bowl, intentionally brushing his fingers against hers. He bristled.

"Yes, thank-you," he choked out the syllable. Even in his state, he knew it was obvious that he could not reveal that he knew her identity. It would spell disaster for everyone in the camp, not just himself. Was she thinking the same as he in this moment? Did she recognize him and yearn for him but knew she could do so in this moment? He could not tell. He wanted the answer to that question to be yes and not knowing tore him up inside as much as his desire for her did.

"When did you arrive?" She passed him a roll. He was forced ot avert his eyes; he could no longer bring himself to look at her. He could not trust his actions if he wre to lay his eyes upon her any longer.

"This - this morning." A stutter? He felt ashamed.

"Don't be nervous!" she laughed, "You'll fit in just fine here, I"m sure."

He nodded, then hurried away. He could not stand to be in her presence in such a constrained way. He would gather himself and then later approach her as he would any other women he had an interest in.

gag me, eh?

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