Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whittling Away NaNo09

This week saw me start to edit, if that's what you can call it at this stage, my NaNoWriMo from 2009. The story I wrote that year was one I had in my head for a few years, and I used November as a chance to finally blurt it all out on paper. This first process of editing involves me rereading the story, deleting the silly NaNo bits and making notes where there are plot holes, events that need foreshadowing, reworking, removing, etc. I worked on it Wednesday night and Saturday night; I'm 35 pages in (the whole thing is 85 pages). Once I get to the actual rewriting bit, I'll start posting comparisons. One of the interesting things about this process is finding actually half-decent bits that I'd totally forgotten about. There are ridiculous silly NaNo-type sentences that make me laugh out loud and then delete them, but there are also bits where I think 'Oh! That's not half-bad, is it? I wouldn't have thought of that if I tried. I can use that if I fix it up.' Those moments are really wonderful, and pretty much make the whole process worth it.

This editing is one of two major writing projects I wanted to tackle this summer. The other is to finish The Carving. I will keep careful log of how those projects go here.

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