Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amanda Palmer - Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

Artist: Amanda Palmer
Album: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
Year: 2011
Length: 57 minutes, 04 seconds
Genre: A little bit of everything? Ukulele and piano with a punk edge
Why I picked it up: Fan of the artist, been waiting for the right moment to get this album
Favourite tracks: Bad Wine and Lemon Cakes, In My Mind, On an Unknown Beach
Random lyric: We talk about it all night long/We define our moral ground/ But when I crawl into your arms/ Everything comes crashing down
Purchase: From the artist

Finally! I have been saving this album for when I felt I would need it, AKA during my summer-long haul out in Alberta. The minimum purchase price for the whole thing is 69 cents - I paid $5, even though the album is probably worth a bit more than that. But really. Go pay a dollar or whatever, and give this album a shot! It's likely to be a rather unique listening experience for whoever you are.

This album consist almost entirely of songs recorded live at Amanda's show at the Sydney Opera House. (I think Map of Tasmania is the only not live song). The songs are either about Australia and the surrounding area or were songs written in those areas. There are performances with other musical acts that Amanda is friends with and performances of covers of songs that made an impact on her. It's an eclectic collection, one that is great fun to listen to for its variety.

The songs range from upbeat and funny to melancholic and wistful, a good range for the sort of mood I've been in lately. I loved the song she performed with The Jane Austen Argument, a duo that I will most definitely be looking into one day. The only song I don't really care for is Doctor Oz, not sure why, it just didn't strike a chord with me like the other songs did.

I didn't really make a lot of notes for this album...I just needed something to listen to, something to distract me, something to tie to my current situation, something to sing along to and get stuck in my head. I needed a good solid album and while this was different from what I would normally turn to, it did its job.

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