Sunday, October 16, 2011

still alive...

School is insanely busy. Lame lame lame excuse, buuuuut in September I was taking six courses and four were English and all these big projects were due at the end of September. I did have a days reprieve at the beginning of October...but now it's midterms and there's so much studying to do, which I am not wholly accustomed to because I breezed through my first year in university (I only had to take two English courses then, one in each semester). Lesson: Do not take four English courses at once. Since my last post, I've only read two books (well, I'm almost done the second...) and listened to one new album. There will be posts about these! I want to give them my full attention. This blog is just going to have to hang tight until I get a handle on my schoolwork. I wanted to make this little post to show that I didn't abandon my blog, it's still ongoing. 'Updated when applicable' is highly relevant in this case ^^;

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  1. And you do all that while still putting up with some european boy?