Friday, November 25, 2011

Tom Milsom - Explorers 6 'Fibreglass Baby'

Okay, this isn't going to be a proper music post like all my other album/song reviews and look, it's not even near Tuesday but I never wrote anything hear about Explorers 6 which is not very appropriate given how much I love the EP and what each song means for me. On Tumblr a couple of months ago I wrote this rambling blurb about Fibreglass Baby that sort of explains why I like Tom Milsom and why I like Fibreglass Baby so I've decided to repost it here because I want something about Explorers 6 on this blog.


i was sitting in the back of the car as my family drove to the lake and i had my headphones on and i listened to fibreglass baby over and over and over for about an hour. just sat there with my eyes closed, paying attention to the song and listening properly, in a way i’ve never really listened before.

the song (i don’t know if ‘song’ is the right word for this, but i can’t think of anything better so i’m going to stick with ‘song’) grows with every listen. at first, i only paid attention to the rhythm and the flow. then i would focus on the music, then the story, then the words, then the how the music and the words work together, and then maybe i would pay attention to more specific cadence, precise words, and then finally i would just listen to the song as a whole, hearing all the pieces that make it a song, that make the piece come to life.

i feel like i haven’t articulated this very well, but i hoped you (unknown and likely nonexistent, reader) understand what i’m trying to explain. how each time you listen to a song, you hear different aspects of it, and finally, after awhile, you’re able to really hear the song as perhaps its’ creator intended, as a whole piece of art.

i understand this in theory, i listen to songs i love and listen to the different parts that make up the whole, but listening to fibreglass baby, that was the first time i truly listened, worked at listening and paying attention. i can do this with tom’s music because it’s not what i listen to all the time, it’s not yet what my ears have become adjusted to. i haven’t been exposed much to spoken word pieces. i like it. it’s a form of music that pushes and expands the boundaries of what i like.

and, while i’m on the subject, that’s ultimately what i like about tom, why i follow him on tumblr and subscribe to him on youtube and all that. he says and does and creates things in ways i haven’t become bored with or adjusted to and so when i hear what he has to say and it’s different from what i think or from what i’ve heard before, then i’m able to compare those new-to-me ideas/thoughts/opinions/whatever with my own values and beliefs and grow in some small way. of course, tom is not the only ‘internet person’ who does this for me but he’s the one who seems to make me most self-aware. and now this has turned out to be quite a bit longer than i intended it to…i don’t know if i properly said what i was trying to say but ah well. i’ll just publish this now.

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