Friday, December 23, 2011

Isaac Asimov - I, Robot

  Author: Isaac Asimov
Title: I, Robot
Published: 1950 (Edition I read: June 2004)
Publisher: Gnome Press (Edition I read: Bantam Books)
Length: 272 pages (Edition I read: 224 pages)
Genre: Science-fiction
Why I picked it up: On my TBR list
Rating: 4 stars
Challenges: 2011 TBR Pile | 100+
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Some quick thoughts as it is Christmas Eveeee and I still have not posted this: I thought this was going to be a somewhat dry, mostly bleak post-apocalyptic novel. I was pretty much wrong on all accounts. :P I enjoyed how Asimov threaded all the stories together and I liked that each story was about the loopholes and paradoxes and such that arise from conflicts of the three laws; the stories were fairly intelligent. I found the writing to be very modern as well, to the point, humorous and easy to digest. I am not generally a fan of short stories unless they are done exceptionally well and as this felt almost more like a novel than a collection, I enjoyed this book very much.

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