Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame

Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: A Broken Frame
 Year: September 1982
Length: 46 minutes, 58seconds
Genre: Electronic pop
Why I picked it up: My favourite band
Favourite tracks: Shouldn't Have done That, Nothing to Fear, Leave in Silence
Random lyric:
Purchases: Check your local music store! Otherwise, buy the remastered version wherever MP3s are sold...

Oh, the sweet sweet sound of early eighties Depeche Mode. The first album to be released after the departure of founding member Vince Gore, every song on this track was written by Martin Gore. Which some may consider surprising if they're only familiar with later Depeche Mode, even just from Black Celebration on. Black Celebration, for me, marks the split between two DM's - the young happy eighties electronic-pop band and the more mature, darker, musically and lyrically impressive band. To be honest, if they were actually two separate bands, I would listen to the later but no the former. However, I consider myself a devoted DM fan and have been slowly growing my collection - I recently bought A Broken Frame and Exciter; I only need Speak and Spell and Some Great Reward (it's no coincidence I only need DM's earlier albums...). And really,  after giving this a proper shot - it isn't so bad.

I like the nostalgic/retro feeling I get while listening to this most, actually. Otherwise I probably wouldn't listen to it very often. I like imaging the guys when they're in their early twenties, just making some fun pop music. It's very...sweet. And I mean that in the adorable sort of way, which is why I used the word sweet up there :P Dave sounds so young! He was very cute when he was just starting out. I've seen pictures, haha. I'm sure I would have eaten this up had I been a teenager back then. Which is interesting to say because when I was a teenager a couple of years ago Violator became my favourite album but their early pop stuff, not so much. But I'm still listening to it because I'm a good fan, I want to explore all their work, haha.

Yeah, so, the music isn't really my style (though the solely instrumental tracks are pretty impressive - see 'Nothing to Fear') but it's fun to listen to and I think, given the point in Depeche's career that this album came out, that's really all that's important. I'm glad I have this album to listen to and wax nostalgic for a time I never lived through.

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