Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extra Books - February 13 to 19

  • Child of the Jungle by Sabine Kuegler
    • Published: 1954
    • Genre: Autobiography
    • Why I picked it up: Can't remember, read about it somewhere and it sounded interesting
    • Rating: 3 stars
    • Challenges: TBR Double Dare
    • My Thoughts:
      • An easy breezy read, short chapters relaying little stories - I haven't read a book like this in awhile so it was refreshing. 
      • The author notes that she had never considered writing a book about her experiences until encouraged to do so, and so this book emerged as a reflection of her past. These circumstances are pretty noticeable with regards to how the story is told. It does feel like a friend is recounting memories from her past that she hasn't thought about in a long while. While that is totally fine, it's not really the type of story I prefer to read. Somebody else would probably enjoy this book more than I did.
      • I found it very sad how her family grew apart, how she clearly longs for what she experienced as a child but can't go back to that...
      • I do think she had a fascinating childhood (dur, who wouldn't?) and so the subject matter of the book was very interesting but the execution wasn't really for me.
      • Overall, a nice little read but nothing too great. This for me would be 'beach reading' ;P

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