Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Special - What I've Been Listening To

I was going to write a post yesterday about the music I've been listening to lately, since I haven't posted on Tuesday for awhile, but then today came around and it's the 29th so I thought I'd just make this a silly 'special' thing :P

I haven't posted much on Tuesday this year because I haven't been indulging in music like I tend to. I think I've only properly listened to two albums? I've finally become saturated with music; I have an album or a playlist and enough artists of each variety for every mood and moment that applies to me. That doesn't mean I haven't been listening to new music, though...I just haven't been so absorbed or contemplative about it.

I download the complete Lord of the Rings recordings a few weeks ago. I did not know such a thing existed. It is magnificent. What I love most about the movies is quite possibly the music (it's hard to say). While the movies and books don't always work together so well, the music is fantastic and brilliant and so perfect for the story. I've been listening through the recordings as I read the books - I've finished The Fellowship of the Ring and am about halfway through The Two Towers. Howard Shore is a genius, I cannot heap enough praise upon him. I am sucker for any themes relating to Rohan...his extended 'King of the Golden Hall' makes me swoon with emotion every time. Writing a review about such work would be impossible for me, so I'm just including this little note to remark on how much I love it.

I've also finally downloaded an album I've been wanting for a few years - I have a list and every now and then I'll buy something off the list. The album On Cutting Ti-Gers In Half and Understanding Narravation by Candy Bars. I've loved the first track for a long time - it was on the magical playlist through which I discovered Cloud Cult (bless you, person who compiled that list). I find it great music for listening to when I get up in the morning, which means I've only really listened to the first six tracks because then I go downstairs for breakfast. It's light and breezy and pretty sounding and beyond that I haven't done much critical thinking about it.

So that's that! Just been listening to these albums, plus all my favourites...I am content :)

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