Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (I)

Artist: Crystal Castles
Album: Crystal Castles (I)
 Year: 2008
Length: 51 minutes, 54 seconds
Genre: Experimentale/electronica
Why I picked it up: Heard a song on the XM, thought it sounded just like what I was in the mood for
Favourite tracks: Untrust Us, Air War, Courtship Dating, Good Time
Purchases: iTunes  | Check your local music store!

I have a whole stack of music posts sitting in my draft pile for music that I've acquired and listened to since August, but I'm not really sure what to write for them because I didn't acquire them for emotional reasons or even because they were really pleasing to my ears, but rather just because I wanted some stuff to listen to and that sounded about right. No heavy thinking or emotional swells, etc. Just some good enough stuff to listen to while driving around or sitting on the computer. I've decided to post this one first, even though there are older ones I could write about, because I went to their concert a few weeks ago and can write a solid paragraph on that.

But first, my opinion on this album/the band's music in general. (I originally just bought their first album, when I decided to go to the concert I bought the second one as well.) I find it really hypnotic and soothing, even the more chaotic songs that feature Alice's scream-like vocals. I didn't realize that the songs had actual lyrics (and lots of them usually!) until I looked them up, I honestly thought it was all nonsense. But the lyrics are really great, different and rather poetry-like. Overall I just like the music, it's good for listening...dur.

I'm not going to talk about the music during the concert because it was pretty much the same as listening to the album. Which is a great thing, in this case.

I had a major crush on Alice throughout the entire show (and I probably still do?). Although  it is kind of hard to tell if I love her or if I just want to be her. Picture this tiny girl with the short white blue bob and black skirt, jumping up and down, and screaming and signing with so much enthusiasm. Then, while rocking out, pulls out a cigarette, climbs onto the crowd, lights it, and continues the song. How badass can you get, amirite? :P Anyhow, she was just so cute, dancing around up there. I've never been to a show where a single person brings so much energy. I like to think that's how I look when I'm dancing around alone in my bedroom.

The light show was INSANE. The colours were insane, the things that the lights did were insane. Obviously it has hard to describe an insane light show when you can't see it, it's so visual but man it was INSANE. Just so much light and so much colour and so much different motion and patterns and everything. A lot of stuff that happened I had never seen before, and I've seen some elaborate light shows. (When I described this to my friends and my parents and whoever, there is a lot of really big arm gestures for emphasis.) And it wasn't just crazy lights all the time, there was change in rhythm and amount of light and motion patterns and good use of darkness. The rational me says it's probably a good thing they didn't play more than an hour because then my eyes might have had some permanent damage. But it was WICKED.

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