Monday, December 31, 2012

Writings Ahead

I'm a terrible writer...really, I'm not a writer at all. Somehow about four or five years ago I just lost all drive I had to write. I still have thoughts of writing and fleeting moments where I write a few pages and then no more. I want to change that. I want to get that feeling back - hard to describe, but there's this feeling...I can only find it through reading nowadays. I want to get it back through writing. I'm finally acknowledging that this is something I'm going to have to work very hard at. I grew into it but then I let it slip away and now I need to get it back. This is to be one of my goals for the 2012. I rarely have New Year's resolutions but I think I will try them now. I'm very good at letting such goals fall apart after a few months (this year's blog was a mess!) but we'll see if I can stick this out. My goal is to write a page or two every day (around 300 words). Writing daily is such a simple, basic concept that all writers know they must do, perhaps the only 'writing rule' that really stands. I am going to make myself make it work. So, with that being said, to close off the New Year here is a hint of what is to come!

Like I said, there are fleeting moments still; I had one the other day. I was on the bus, on my way to meet my Dad for lunch, when suddenly I had the urge to listen to Within Temptation (music from The Heart of Everything inspied a story which is very near and dear to me, perhaps my one great pet project) and then I found myself filled with that lovely feeling, the one that allows me to form sentences in my mind and watch a story unfold inside my head. I wrote the story inspired by WT's as a NaNo a few years back but I think it would be very well suited to a shorter story form and I want to adapt it as such. These are few sentences that grew in my mind at the time (sentence followed by commentary.

  • She scrubbed herself well of her beauty but he still knew her.
    • This one is a tricky one! I'm fiddling around with this notion/metaphor of 'scrubbing', as in she's scrubbed with dirt that distorts her's not there yet but I will get it there. 
  • Bloodshed draws these creatures from their slumber within the earth...
    • A fragment that's less of a literary statement than a factual reminder. I like the notion and think i can work with it.
  • The King hard ordered them all to be taken alive but out of fear the men slew the father, the mother and the son. The King, in his rage, in his fury [some action]...but then a boy emerged from between trees and the King realized that the situation may yet end in his favour. [to be followed with dialogue]
    • The first two sentences could fit in either the short story adaption or the novel version, but I devised this one specifically to fit in the short story.

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